How To Get 440 Opt-ins Per Day - Just Like Ann!

Over the weekend I watched an amazing video about a woman named Ann - who gets 440 subscribers on her list every day from a strategy she put in place over 2 years ago...

My first reaction was total disbelief... Until the video started going into details about she did it.

It starts out like a case study... and goes on to explain how she turned those subscribers into $1,267,200 over the course of a year.

So here's what she does...

1) She gives away a free 35 page report that is jammed packed with great content that her niche wants.

2) She gives every reader "giveaway rights" to her report.

3) The report presells her own product and when you become a customer, you get "branding rights" to the report.

4) As a new customer (i.e. affiliate) they start sharing her report all over the web and earn commissions when someone upgrades from their link inside the report.

That's it!

I know it sounds simple because it is!

Just go watch the video because this guy explains it better than I can...

Warm Regards,
Online Marketing Mixs